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Breakers Gym

Olympic and power lifting training.

Individual training programs for anybody from competitive athletes to the person just looking to get a little stronger


Jim recently opened his own personal gym after two years of being associated with a larger crossfit box. He’s been my trainer for the better part of three years, and has made me incredibly stronger and faster, all while maintaining my bodyweight. He’s also an accomplished athlete, and has won numerous competitions (Superfit, Crossfit Football, National Power Athlete Team Champion) as well as being a professional member of the GRID league. This man knows what he’s doing.

Ben Cønnel

If you want to build strength and increase proficiency in the Olympic lifts, Breakers Gym is the place you want to train! Coach Jim’s programming and expert eye has helped me transform from a novice Crossfit Athlete to a masters Olympic Weightlifter competing at the local, national, and international level.

Jana Berhow

A great gym and with great people. A top notch place to train in Northern Virginia.

B-Jay Katch

Jim is very creative and personal in his program. He devises a program that will push and constantly challenge you.

Christal Sanders Rheams